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Uppies on the 31st Dec 2004 13 in a row pictured from
the left Norman Craigie Andrew Currie Marty Flett
Gordon Mulraine Graham Brough Gary Cooper Davie
Flett Bruce Moar Edgar Gibson Raymond Stanger Ian
Brough Andy Kemp Kenny Garrioch
Davie Miller Doonie winner of The
Mens Ba on Christmas Day 1996 and
the Boys Ba on Christmas Day 1972
Uppie Jack Paterson touching
the wall on Christmas Day
1984 Jack had already
touched the wall this picture
was for the photographer .
Also pictured top  right
Gordon Wilson winner of the
Christmas Day 1984 Boys Ba
Uppies Jack and Ronald
Paterson who shared the  
New Years Day Boys Ba 1985
Uppies Bruce Moar Kenny
Eunson and Gordon
Mulraine with Doonie
Fraser Byres from 1983/1984
Me looking out my
window when i lived in
Spences Square on
Christmas Day 2002
The 1987 New Years Day Mens
Ba was thrown up by the Rev
H.W.M Cant thats me second
from the left with the cap on
New Years Day Mens Ba
2006 after 15 consecutive
uppie wins Doonie Alex
"Badger" Findlater
eventualy wins the Mens
Ba for the Doonies Alex
also won the Boys Ba on
Christmas Day 1981
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