Photos And Videos Of The 2006 New Years Day
Mens Ba Won By Doonie Alex "Badger" Findlater
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Arriving At Broad Street
Kirk Green Wall
St Magnus Lane
St Magnus Lane 2
St Magnus Lane 3
Onto Junction Road
In Front Of The Library
Railings Across From The Library
Indian Garden
JDM Robertson Tankerness Lane
Job Centre
Junction Road
Agriculture Offices
Olaf Place
Across From The Legion
Great Western Road
In The Water At The Shapinsay Slip
Basin Crowd
West Pier
In The Basin
Badger getting Lifted Up In The Basin
Alex "Badger" Findlater And His Boy
Outside The Ola
Discussion With Badger Afterwards
Discussion With Alex Findlater Afterwards
New Years Day Mens Ba 2006 youtube video
Internet Health Place
Junction Road