The Stars
Venus is the brightest object in the sky after the sun and
the moon and looks like a star . Venus moves in five
straight lines that when joined together form a star
shape .  It takes forty years to make this shape . Every
eight years forty minutes after sunset Venus shines into
maeshowe in Stenness and is the key to the Stenness
monuments . Venus is bright enough to read a
newspaper in the dark down a fifty foot tunnel . The
moon also shines into maeshowe every 18.61 years and
the sun shines in every midwinter . A pentagram is
probably the most magical symbol in the world after a
cross and a circle  . Pentacles in tarot is the earth
element , values and possesions the material element ,
also referred to  as coins or   diamonds in ordinary
playing cards . Last seasons Boys Ba's both lasted for
over five hours and were probably the best Ba games
ever played . Who could have predicted that !
A Tarot deck or "book of the tarot" contains 78 cards
22 Major Arcana ( latin for BIG SECRETS ) and 56
minor arcana and is mostly used in fortune telling,
meditation and practice of magical rites. It is also a
very effective agent in psychotherapy and as help and
advisor in psychological matters in general. The real
origin of the Tarot is mysterious but the majority of
Tarot experts would agree that it is Egyptian . Most
probably Tarot cards were first used in Europe and
the western hemisphere by gipsies. The cards depict
the archetypes found in the classical psychology by
C. G. Jung and numerous magical and religious
symbols. It is most probable that the Tarot or Book of
Thoth, originally the Book or Lire, originated in the
ancient Egypt. According to the hermetic tradition,
two secrets remain to be unveiled.. .Astrology and
Tarot... in the great pyramid, where there Is a narrow
path underneath the Feet of the Sphynx leads to the
Egyptian Temple of Initiation. The pictures along the
walls of this temple show 108 Tarot cards. 78 of these
cards are known to us as the Esoteric Tarot, but the
remaining 30 were not disclosed to the public . A
Tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana "KEYS"
numbered from 0 to XXI, from " Roman Numerals "
plus the 56 Minor Arcana. Numerous authors relate
the Major Arcana to the 22 letters of the Hebrew
alphabet. Aries , Taurus , Gemini , Cancer , Leo , Virgo
, Libra , Scorpio , Sagittarious , Capricorn Aquarious ,
Pisces , Sun , Moon , Mercury , Venus Mars , Jupiter ,
Sarurn , Neptune , Uranus , Pluto is 22 The number of
possible combinations of any pair of the eight planets
, sun , moon , moon's node , ascendant and
midheaven is seventy eight Exactly the number of
cards in a Tarot deck . In Tarot the Minor Arcana are
subdivided into 4 suits of 14 cards representing the
elements Air , Fire , Earth , and Water Each suit
consists of the cards ace (1) thru 10, plus page,
knight, queen and king . There are several theories
concerning the positioning of the card 0-The Fool
among the Major Arcana. I therefore leave it up to you
.... The fool is represented in ordinary playing cards
as the joker.... A strange fascination emanates from
Tarot cards . Each individual reacts differently to them
. No one will however forget the first time they were
faced with them. Tarot cards can unveil your problems
in the subconscient . As the expert says, ...." The
Magic is in the cards.... " .... Whatever you achieve
with them is yours in your own image in the mirror of
self-accomplishment .  
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